"The Just Proof of God. Volume 1: The Origin of Beliefs"

This book applies Descartes’ classification of evidences to develop a Cartesian map of our knowledge system for a flowchart in available research paths. This development of the 'Tree of Knowledge' can help students with study choices and help courts with fair trials on reality. It includes the pathway Judaic religion claims to evidence, Deuteronomy 16, 19-20, for rights theology that fair trials can prove. To ignore that path may be anti-Semitic (even if many Jews ignore it themselves) and also homophobic in basic rights theology.

The back cover to 'The Just Proof of God' Volume 1 The Origin of Beliefs' shows one way to prove Darwin's 'Origin of Species' not general 'science' in court noting reality contains evidence for spiritual forces. Research to enable strategic fair trials is a priority for fair use of resources. By ‘scientific’ negligence, right to truth by fair trial is in dispute.

The Just proof of God maps our rational knowledge system to assist fair trials on reality. A complete map must cover all orders of evidence, and labyrinths of reason that bestride the orders, and gates or exit arguments that lead between labyrinths.
Finding the true terms to our existence is a life and death issue as chapter 6 reminds by a tongue in cheek "Introduction to sane thought".. The value of opinions about reality rests on whether they are backed by a universal or global theory of the map so that the opinion may be said to be justified or sane. Modern science is not justified as it ignores orders of evidence and labyrinths of reason in order to model a natural cosmology. The overview that the map provides makes obvious that natural cosmology cannot abide with fair trial scrutiny.

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Book Contents for ‘The Just proof of God: Volume 1: The Origin of Beliefs’

Preface xv
Acknowledgements xxi
Conventions used in this book xxiii

Introduction: The Law of Just Reason p1

Chapter 1: Overviews : The Map of Proof for a Personal God within Science p14
1.1 Introduction to Proof
1.2 The Spiritual Setting for God‘s Word and Proofs
1.3 Partial Objections to Proof: Violence, Fear, Faith
1.4 Proofs and Courts and Education
1.5 The Map of Proof and Justice
1.6 Eight gates out of a Godless Reality‘
1.7 Gate 1: the Limits of Logic: Conscience, God and Sin
1.8 Gate 2: Science and Objective Experimentation
1.9 Gate 3: Science as Faith by the Hard‘ Science Route
1.10 Gate 4: Consciousness and Mind: the Fabric of Existence
1.11 The Irrational Development of Science
1.12 Gate 5: A Rational Basis for religion by Matter, Mind, God
1.13 Gate 6: Evil from a Negligent Science
1.14 Gate 7: Art, Religion, Science, Evolution and God
1.15 Gate 8: Supernatural order of Blessings and Curses
1.16 Need for Salvation: a Fact of Life?
1.17 Implications of Proof for God

Chapter 2 : Matter, Mind, God- The First Principles p50
2.1 Introduction
2.2 First Steps: God is competent and Orderly
2.3 Dežnition of Good: the problem of Evil and Relatedness of Life to
2.4 Evil, Knowledge and Chaos
2.5 The Ethical Principle for Knowledge Systems
2.6 Science and the Ethical Principle
2.7 Relatedness and Life‘s Place: the Messiah
2.8 Relatedness and Evil: the State of this World
2.9 The Biblical Picture
2.10 Interim Conclusions: Knowledge

Chapter 3 : Matter, Mind, God: A Personal God p64
3.1 Personal Identity: Conscious and Subjective
3.2 God: the Source of Consciousness
3.3 Subjectivity and Relatedness to God
3.4 Subjectivity, Decisions and Conscience
3.5 The Shared Grounds and God‘s Order for Self-Determination
3.6 Good or Evil Nature, Repentance and religion
3.7 The Commandments: Love God and Neighbour
3.8 True and False Religion: Evil and Pollution
3.9 The Devil and Hell
3.10 God‘s Salvation and Religion
3.11 God‘s Justice by First Principles
3.12 The Atonement
3.13 Identity: Privacy within a Pattern to Existence
3.14 Science and the Pattern to Existence
3.15 Science and the Question of God‘s Existence
3.16 Conclusions

Chapter 4 : Consciousness: an Escape from Mechanism p84
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Consciousness and the Foundation of Science
4.3 Measuring Consciousness: the ReŸflex Model
4.4 Conscious or Unconscious Processes?
4.5 Consciousness as Escape from Mechanism
4.6 Science‘s Mechanical Ladder to Consciousness
4.7 Consciousness as Fundamental
4.8 Properties of Mind are Fundamental
4.9 The Modern Scientižfic Perception
4.10 Science as Another Superstition
4.11 Conclusions

Chapter 5 : Spirit of Objectivity: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil p96
5.1 The Objective World and Possession
5.2 Forgetting God in Objective Reality
5.3 The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Spirits
5.4 Clinical Science and the Life of Spirits
5.5 Miracles and Science and curse-discounts
5.6 Power and God‘s Order
5.7 Objectivity is not a Just Concept
5.8 Science and Objective Dogma
5.9 Personal Spiritual Spaces
5.10 Conclusions

Chapter 6 : The Origin of Beliefs: Sanity: a Dedication to a Deity for Life p109
6.1 Introduction to Sane Thought
6.2 A devil is to deny a god and so Sanity Clauses
6.3 A devil calls to Crimes against Life
6.4 Sanity Fair: Death is of a devil‘s Jail for the Unjust
6.5 The Origin of Beliefs: in Matter or Spirit?
6.6 The Bible is a Rock Deftly set against its Devil
6.7 Vanity unfair: a General Devil‘s Motive & Tactics to Beset sanity
6.8 The Devil‘s Cause: a Resume
6.9 The Devil‘s Cause is a Progressive Science
6.10 Satanic Trials in Life: the Problem of Good and Evil
6.11 Sanity and Megalomania
6.12 Philosophers as Agents of Power Struggle
6.13 God‘s or the Devil‘s Power? Consent by Tests
6.14 Universal or Fair Love must Triumph to Bring Sanity
6.15 Paths to Sanity are for or against God
6.16 The Deity Implied by our very Existence
6.17 The Messiah as the Blueprint for Creation
6.18 The Satanic Blueprint for Creation
6.19 Conclusions

Chapter 7 : God‘s Word-:The Eternal Covenants to Life and Death p143
7.1 Seeking the Tree of Life
7.2 Religious Evolution
7.3 Spirits as Guardians and Accelerators of our Nature
7.4 The Covenant to Death with Satan
7.5 The Place of Natural‘ Selection in God‘s word
7.6 The Trial between Satan and God: Job‘s Test
7.7 Noah‘s Test: the Flood and Origins
7.8 Abraham‘s Test: God‘s Covenant to Abraham
7.9 Moses‘ Test: God‘s covenant of Law
7.10 The Messiah‘s Test
7.11 The Spirit to war with our sinful nature doppelgänger
7.12 Summaries: Divine Law and Covenants to God
7.13 Summaries: the Personal Spiritual World
7.14 Summaries: Covenants & questions of faith or spirit
7.15 Summaries: Testing scripture for Validity

Afterward: The General Theory of Reality pxxv
Bibliography pxxx
Scripture Index pxxxiv

The Science to ‘The Just proof of God: Volume 1’ in Short

This book began around the role of conscious mind in physical models which is now become chapter 4. It finds consciousness has the property of an escape from mechanism in research. That led to ponder Descartes' matter, mind, God classification of orders of evidence for a proper foundation for science which is now become chapters 2 and 3. That enabled a first fair map of the reason system now used to start chapter 1, making the knowledge system an argument for a just God by design in the book title. This book is about doing science fairly. If scientists believe in selfish survival values, they may only research fairly if courts impose negligence law by asking fair risk analyses for theories. It should be obvious that an infinitely unlikely theory of a natural world posed by prejudice is hardly safe science and quite possible mad. See the introduction to sane thought of chapter 6.

Darwin is not true science for fair courts as it neglects fair tests that qualify his approach to reality which the book cover raises. Fair science needs to test all ‘science’ & religion for fair order. To limit it to testing just lower life imbrutes or unmans science as false use of ‘The Origin of Species’. True science is first ‘The Origin of Beliefs’ on whether our beliefs share a beastly-material or godly-spiritual origin which is explained in chapter 6. Newton cut to spirit by a simple proof for God rediscovered in chapter 6. The book Afterward shows a natural-material-origin is just for determined case falsifiers.

The first 6 chapters of the book justify the hypothesis of God fairly. Chapter 7 can then begin a detailed attempt to deduce fair theology from scriptures to be refined from many other angles in later volumes. That research led to Rights Theology now referred to on the back cover. It makes it possible for courts to observe natural cosmology invokes popular hate crimes courts try to tackle.

Rights Theology is Fair Trial Theology

Moses leads all Judaic branch religions by asking fair trials as a general path to fair truth in Deuteronomy 16, 19-20:

Do not pervert justice or show partiality. .. Follow justice and justice alone, ...

The above exemplifies a crown verse of scripture to take precedence over how other verses are read if there is to be a fair Judgement Day, Psalm 98. It implies that to understand scripture fathoms a system of contractual justice under which it is given. That Justice is in account of all legal parties to mortal life so forgetting angels, demons and other spirits may exist risks losing sense of justice to it, Job 38, 4-7. This Volume reaches a starting point for fair trial or contractual theology at chapter 7, but chapter 1 heads towards it at section 1.2 with an introduction on contractual law to surface from chapter 7 onwards.

If Jews really stand for fair trials (I had a Jewish grandfather) then we see modern science is anti-Semitic as follows. Kosher science is not to cherry pick data in a field to falsify a theory, or, to cherry pick fields to falsify natural cosmology. To model a universe to omit Moses is false, anti-Semitic, provided a fair trial ruins it. Thus, to seek power for partial fallible scientific criteria, not by fair trials, risks a descent of man for a master race that wars to rid the world of fair Jews to survive, and cheat their path to truth. After WWII, Gentiles may owe Jews a fair trail on whether Jews bear witness to high legal science above life?

Moses heads a research path in prophesy to a promised land of fair theology for end times, Daniel 12, 9−10. It only outs by fair trial discipline around an atonement for sin, Isaiah 1, 15− 20 etc.. The object of the path is to offer a choice to divide life between genocidal cult tyrannies or the just reading of ‘God’s word’ fit for a fair court, Psalm 98, Isaiah 30, 10−13. Where has that path reached to today?

Jesus of course asks for a fair trial by Jews, Matthew 5, 17-20. Jesus guided Paul for 1 Cor. 6, 1−6 asking to define ‘sexual immorality’ fairly at 1 Cor. 6, 9. Humility and great care on that is needed when false teaching on sexual morality actually is sexual immorality. Sexual hate crime In 1 Cor. 6, turns a church into a sexually immoral body tested by ill health, Luke 5, 31, Psalm 32, 9. My book: ‘The Fair Rights Foundation to Science and Theology’ gifts a case to courts that God and Jesus back LGBT sex for rights. Thus a sexually immoral church opposes gay rights! Sex for rights is God’s object if our path to fair court readings Jews await, Isaiah 28, 11−13 & 29, 13− 24. Natural ‘science’ researches only natural paths risking tacit anti-Semitism and homophobia, see book cover.

Rights theology does not neglect spirits religions report if they exist as legal parties to our life and tribes, see back cover. By selfish nature we may fear a false ‘God’, James 2, 9−10. On deeper analysis, that devil tyrannises life by a global society of spirit forces to depress or corrupt dissent to death, Mark 14, 32-36. School children then face depression and some may find relief from suicidal feeling in an angelic house for LGBT rights, see cover. Which is better to serve the devil and die or spite the devil for gay rights? That love, not love of selfish ‘science’ / ‘theology’, may mandate the fair God at Psalm 98, Jer. 8, 9, 1 Cor. 1, 20, 2 Cor. 5, 10.

This is such a change in how the world is viewed that it likely must be for courts and fair trials to lead a battle to establish truth of this kind. But surely, everyone in a civilised society is entitled to be taught the reality a fair court or trial would back if free to judge?
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